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Tony Newlin-  To put it simply, my passion is nature and wildlife. A native of northern New Mexico, I grew up exploring the spectacular wilderness in southwestern Colorado and was fortunate to visit the Northern Rockies several times while growing up. I began photography as a means to capture and share the inspiring wilderness I experienced.  I've been operating my own galleries for 10 years and am thankful for the clients and relationships I've developed over the years.
I was artistically inspired by a childhood mentor who was the most amazing artist I’ve ever known. She took me under her wing and taught me about art. Whether it was walking through the galleries of Santa Fe, reading books on the great Renaissance artists, or viewing one of her works, I believe my real inspiration and training for photographic art began with my relationship with her. For this, I am forever grateful.
I originally journeyed down a technology and business road earning master's degrees in business, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering.  However, my passion for experiencing wilderness and sharing it with others eventually pulled me onto my current path. Today, I still utilize my engineering training to ensure I produce the highest quality image possible for you to enjoy.

My images attempt to share nature with you as it actually occurs in very special moments of light, animal behavior, and composition. I work hard to travel off the 'beaten path' and photograph scenes not often captured. I hope you can appreciate the time, effort, and artistic perspective that is required for each of these images.  Many of my images are truly once-in-a-lifetime images.
In today's digital world, the temptation is strong to 'improve' mother nature. Having only recently even purchased a digital camera, I adhere to the principles that have guided my film photography for the past 15 years. You won't find images with unnatural, artificially saturated light. No objects have been added or removed from my images. I haven't used any type of filters. I limit my image production to mimic the traditional abilities available in the darkroom. In short, Photoshop and other enhancement techniques simply aren't substitutes for an artistic eye and patience.
I continue to offer you the highest quality art possible. Our innovative printing and finishing processes eliminate the need for glass which significantly reduces glare and leads to a much richer viewing experience. We also continue to offer some of the finest frames available.

As you enjoy the gallery images, please be mindful of the threats our wilderness is facing. I donate a percentage of my profits to organizations working to preserve wilderness. I encourage you to understand the issues facing wilderness today and consider action to help ensure it’s preservation for generations to come.As you enjoy the gallery images, please be mindful of the threats our wilderness is facing.   Tony Newlin