Prehistoric is proud to be a part of our youths education and knowledge of earths past.  We offer free of charge to any school and organization free tours of the gallery along with trips to schools and other venues to display and teach about our fossils, minerals, and meteorites.  We are happy to say in the last 3 years we have taught over 1500 students in 5 states.

As we don't charge for this priceless education we do incur large expenses for travel, time, and for the wonderful artifacts we have donated over the years.  Each child receives real fossils, minerals and meteorites just for attending. The classroom also benefits from donations on behalf of Prehistoric for its continuing education.

The youth is our future and I believe that we cannot do enough to further their knowledge base of such natural wonders.  Our schools today are on limited resources and there is nothing like watching a child's eyes light up when they get to interact with real fossils.

Prehistoric 101 will continue to do as many classes and field trips as time  and interest will allow.

Your support is greatly appreciated and will touch thousands of precious lives for years to come.

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Douglas C. Bradstreet G.G., G.J.S.