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David Sheridan-  David was born in Waltham, Massachusettes on February 22,1943 and raised in Alamosa, Colorado in the San Luis Valley.

Joined the Navy in 1962 and served 3 years in Naval Aviation where he created illustrations of anti-submarine warfare for President Kennedy's viewing as well as other illustrations.  Serving 2 years in the Pentagon in submarine Warfare research and development, he created illustrations for technical presentations to President Johnson, the secretary of the Navy and Secretary of Defense MnNamara.

Following his honorable discharge in 1967, David moved with his family to Denver, Colorado where he worked as an Advertising Layout Artist with Safeway Stores for 2 years and as a store design draftsman and construction superintendent for 3 years.  In 1975, he was promoted to Store Design Manager of the Portland Division of Safeway where he held that position until 1980 when he left Safeway to work as Assistant VP and Manager of the Land and Properties Administration of Oregon Bank.

In 1985, he left Oregon Bank and took the position of VP and Manager of Facilities and Procurement Division of Far West Federal Bank in Portland and was appointed VP of Facilities for a Far West Bank Subsidiary, Hospitality Services Inc.  He held both positions until 1989 when he left the corporate world and moved with his wife, Loriann, to Lincoln City, Oregon to start his own graphics and website design business and to pursue his passion in art.

Since that time, he has had many gallery showings of his pen and inks, acrylics and sculptures of prehistoric fossils.  He developed, after years of experimentation, his own technique to produce large but lightweight facsimiles of fossils.  These may be hung on walls without concern about expensive wall modifications necessary for hanging natural fossils and other heavy reproductions.

David lives with his wife, Loriann, in Panther Creek in Otis, Oregon, a few miles inland from Lincoln City, Oregon.  He has resided there since 1989.  Back