Prehistoric is proud to present art in a very scientific and natural way.  We work hard to find the finest, most unique gifts world wide.  Our goal is to always incite excitment through nature and all it has to offer.  Our artwork is all made by hand using the finest materials.

Robin Lehman- As a youth, Robin Lehman studied painting and worked in graphic art throughout his years in high school and college, studying figure drawing, portrait and landscape painting. Prices starting at $80.00  More
David Sheridan-  David was born in Waltham, Massachusettes on February 22,1943 and raised in Alamosa, Colorado in the San Luis Valley.  Prices from the hundreds.

Rapp Boxes-  Stephen Rapp, Sr. grew up in Southern Indiana with a fervent interest in woodworking and a passion for collecting minerals and fossils. Prices from $150 to $5000   More
Tony Newlin-  I began photography as a means to capture and share the inspiring wilderness I experienced.  I've been operating my own galleries for 10 years and am thankful for the clients and relationships I've developed over the years.  Prices in the hundreds.  More
Sand Art- Enjoy our beautiful sand art.  There are styles ranging from small screenies to the large ballerina style. Prices ranging from $30.00 to $1600.00  More
Leafline-  Leaf line offers many kinds of skeletonized leaves with varied patterns, colors, and frames. Priced from $50 to $1250